Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another one

So I had a blog...and then I forgot the password and deleted my email...yay me. So here's the new one!! Big news in life includes me being PREGNANT!! Pictures to come soon... I gotta talk one of my siblings to take one of me so I'm not rockin the Myspace mirror pics...hott.

The bouncing baby BOY is due Sept. 4, 2009 and as cool as it would be to have a baby with 9/9/09 as the birthday... no way am I waiting 5 more days to meet him! I'm pretty sure he is a future MMA fighter with the way he kicks all the time...Justin says he's just excited to be alive lol.

In other news, the family is in the final(hahaha) stages of packing up the house for the big exodus to Japan. The movers come Monday and as it stands they might just turn around and say "No way Jose we ain't touchin that" lol. Really tho I'm sure it's been hard to get a whole houseful decluttered in the two weeks notice that my parents were given! 8 years of 12 peoples stuff...that's a lot of stuff!!

They ship out on the 22nd of June, stop in Oahu, Hawaii for a few days and then fly over to Japan!! I'm almost jealous of everything they get to do!! But I have my own adventures stateside.. ie MOTHERHOOD!!!

I'm so excited to meet this little guy! Justin is too, he usually says hi to my belly before saying hi to me! I'm so impatient I want it to be September already!

Ok I'm off to lunch with the fam, only a few more times I get to go with them!