Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big bigger biggest

Did you ever read the Berenstein Bears books? You know the one that talks about big bigger biggest and fast faster fastest? There's a whole lot fo other comparisons and I can't for the life of me recall what that book is titled but as I was getting Kodah dressed for church today it came to mind! He wore an outfit that I bought for him last year in Hawaii today for the first time. The outfit I purposefully bought at a 12months size so that he would fit it in the springtime...hello February and my 6 month old is almost busting out of the 12month shirt. Big bigger BIGGEST. His 18 month old cousin is about a foot taller than him but only 4 pounds heavier...she's long since given up on her desire to carry him around like one of her dolls. Instead she sees him and delivers a friendly "HIIIII Koko!" and bends down to his level. She offers him big people food because he is a big person to her, and even though we try to tell her that she doesn't need to share her chicken nuggets with him, her little giving heart over rules and invariably we discover chicken nugget, or cracker, or bread, or fruit snack stuck in his little mouth. He will of course gum to death anything that is put into his mouth so we are all a little more watchful when Oaks is running loose with snacks in her hands.
Kodah is scooting himself about the house. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth for a few second before launching himself forward and face planting into the carpet. He picks himself back up to hands and knees, rocks back and forth and face plants again. This process is repeated until he has reached his objective, which changes based on what falls into his line of sight. Also a factor is his head gets quite heavy and he occasionally has to stop for a rest. We bought him a fresh fruit feeder...which sounds like something you would hang outside for your bird but is actually a quite handy little thing. It has a plastic ring just big enough for him to hold onto and then attached is a little mesh bag you can put fruit in. We have been putting in frozen peaches because he's been teething. He makes the greatest faces when you first give him the bag, he doesn't like the mesh in his mouth, but after a second the peach thaws enough for him to realize there is something yummy inside the mesh and he starts suckin and gummin the thing to death! Needless to say its a big hit after he gets over the mesh.
He knows who he wants to hold him, he'll lean toward you or lift his hands up to you and he whines when things don't go as he's planned. Yes we're hopelessly wrapped around his pudgy little finger, but that's okay! One of these days I'm gonna convince my mom to show me how to put pictures on here....
Ok thats my update! Check back in three months.... =)