Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend!

Wow what an eventful weekend!! Thursday Justin and AJ headed up to go play on the watercraft and set up a campsite... Mother Nature didn't much agree with their plans because they ended up just setting up camp in pouring rain!!! The married kids, minus me I had to work, spent Thursday night and Friday in the great outdoors and judging by Justin's sunburn, had a blast!!

I went into work on Friday only to leave early and head to the hospital! No worries kids, the baby is still cookin despite his apparent desire to be a 4th of July baby!! So my doc put me on bedrest, which we interpreted to mean I could totally go to the parade and watch the fireworks from my front porch! Haha the fireworks really were amazing tho!

So we're in limbo now with bedrest or no bedrest, I find out the verdict tomorrow!!! Cross your fingers kids cuz honestly I think I will go nuts if I can't go to work and be out and about!!

The family is doin well in Japan it sounds like they are having a blast from the short conversations we have with them on Facebook!

Well gotta scoot, I have messes to clean up from my niece!!

Melissa, Justin and TBA Christensen